Get through the hard stuff. Faster.

If your project is hitting some walls in the development of your Asp.Net MVC-based application, the solution might be at your fingertips.

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Little Boxes of Time

Don't fight for days with a problem that's hemming you in. Let's talk and work through it. You can hire me in blocks of time to help work through the hard stuff, augment your team through crunch time, or provide live, online training to key team members as you transition to a new project.

Trusted, Proven

I have been working on the .NET platform and largely focusing on web application development for over a decade. I am a four-time Microsoft MVP in Asp.Net/IIS with a passion for frameworks, front-ends and the cloud.

Through my career I've been exposed to many different app-dev approaches ranging from startups to enterprise and varying from telecommunications to oil & gas to food service and everything in between. I've worked on APIs, business applications, mobile apps, gaming backends, kiosks, robotics, as well as in the cloud and more.